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👋🏾OTW to the Polls!!💯

The Polls are Open Y'all!!

✨️Click here to review the Democrats on your ballot (& research their initiatives).

✨️Click here to find your nearest polling place (& take at least 3 people with you).

Tag me on Instagram @solidarityandco or Facebook with a picture of your I Voted Sticker!!

Also, if you're reading this and you're not in North Carolina, here are 3 tips to get the info you need:

1.) Go to to make sure you're registered to vote. (If not registered, Google does (insert your state) have *Same-Day Voter Registration)

**Same-Day Voter Registration let's you pull up to whatever polling place you choose, register & vote, all in one day, BUT ONLY during the Early Voting period. This Exception Does Not Apply on Election Day**

2.) Check your local newspapers (online) and/or your party's social media accounts for candidate information.

3.) Make a plan to go vote & bring 3 ppl with you!

& PLEASE hit me up if you have any questions about voting and/or trouble accessing voting resources.

Here are some additional voting tools you may find helpful:

-Find Out What's On Your Ballot by simply typing in your address:

-When We All Vote for Voting 101 :

-NC Official Registration Verification Tool:

Sooooo many dope people, like myself😘, from all over our country, are working to make sure that every eligible voter's voice is heard! This means, Solidarity&Co. we exhaust all efforts to make sure you VOTE!! & THAT'S ON PERIODT!!

😊Thank you for reading this blog & for actually going to vote ...cuz You're Solid!!🖤

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