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Working Together

Reliability. Empathy. Collaboration.

Let 's Work Together!

Mo can help you with a wide range such as Web Design & Management, Copywriting, Email Marketing and much more.

Schedule a free consultation today to find out how Mo can help you eliminate overwhelm, save time, and get back to doing what you love!


During our meeting, we'll discuss your needs, wants, and enjoy a virtual cup of coffee together.

Why wait when support & collaboration are FREE.


Welcome to Solidarity&Co. Services!
We'll join forces as partners in productivity.
From efficient administrative support and meticulous data entry to creative website creation, l
et us handle the details, so you can focus on what matters most.
Explore packages designed to streamline your tasks and enhance your efficiency.
Partner with Solidarity&Co. for a seamless experience in virtual assistance.

Time Efficiency:
Reclaim valuable time by delegating tasks to Solidarity&Co. Services,
allowing you to focus on core business functions and personal priorities.

Expert Support:

Benefit from the expertise of a skilled virtual assistant, proficient in various tasks,
ensuring high-quality results and meticulous attention to detail.

Enhanced Productivity:

Boost overall productivity with our streamlined virtual assistance,
freeing you from routine tasks and enabling you to concentrate on
strategic decision-ma
king and business growth.

Starting Prices

Virtual Assistant

Rates starting at $300

Budget-friendly so that cost isn't a barrier for you getting the support you deserve. We'll set & crush goals together!

Image by Ella Jardim
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Writing Services

Rates starting at $100

Writing, Ghostwriting, Copywriting, Oh my! Specializing in capturing your voice to speak to your audience authentically, yet professionally.

Pink Notebook
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Website Creation

Rates starting at $300

With a vibrant and diverse Portfolio of websites created for thriving businesses and creatives, you and your audience will be excited to see your new, custom site.

Browsing the Web
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Onsite Assistance

$200 per event + travel expenses

Whether you need a personal assistant for 1 day or ongoing support, I am willing to pull up & show up for you to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Event Planner and Costumer
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I bring over a decade of professional experience as the first point of contact for corporate giants. My expertise emphasizes authentic copy- and caption writing, relatable and effective personal branding, as well as crafting efficient processes for tech novices. With a commitment to fully attentive meetings and services, I prioritize understanding and responding to clients' unique needs. Trust my background, skills, and dedication to deliver high-quality virtual assistance tailored to fit you.

Virtual Assistant Packages

Startup Package​

$200-500 per month

  • Rush/Express Services: 1.5x - 2x standard rates

Ideal for: Small businesses or entrepreneurs looking for essential virtual assistance on an as-needed basis.

​Startup Package Overview​

Basic Virtual Assistance: Bi-weekly Meetings to discuss, review, and update projects.

Email Management: Keeping your inbox organized and responding to routine emails.
   - Calendar Management: Scheduling appointments, meetings, and managing your agenda.
   - Data Entry: Inputting and managing important business data accurately.
   - Travel Arrangements: Assisting with planning and booking business travel.

   - Consultation Calls: Discuss business needs and strategies to optimize virtual assistance.

   - Flexible Billing: Pay initial deposit which is applied to balance then remainder in weekly or bi-weekly.


Why Choose the Startup Package:

Cost-Effective: An affordable option for small businesses with variable support needs.
Essential Support: Covers fundamental administrative tasks crucial for business operations.
Adaptability: Easily adjust the level of assistance based on your evolving business requirements.

Get Startup Support!

Streamline your essential tasks and focus on growing your business by choosing the Startup Package. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and customize a plan that works for you.

Website Maintenance Package​

$150 - $500 per project

  • Rush/Express Services: 1.5x - 2x standard rates

Ideal for: Businesses wanting to keep their websites up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.
Website Maintenance Package Overview

Essential Website Support:
- Content Updates: Keeping your website content fresh and up-to-date.
- Consultation Calls: Engage in discussions about your website's needs and strategies for optimization.
- Project-Based Assistance: As-needed support for one-time projects like website enhancements or research.
- Flexible Billing: Begin with an initial deposit applied to the balance, with the remainder billed weekly or bi-weekly.


Why Choose the Website Maintenance Package:
- Cost-Effective: An affordable solution tailored for small businesses with varying website support needs.
- Critical Support: Covers fundamental website maintenance tasks crucial for online presence and security.
- Adaptable Billing: Flexible billing options to suit your budget and financial preferences.


Get Your Website Thriving!
Ensure your online presence is in top shape with our Website Maintenance Package. Contact us to discuss your website's unique requirements and take the first step towards a secure, updated, and thriving online platform.

Executive Assistant Package​​​

$500 - $1,500+ per month

Ideal for: Busy executives or businesses in need of comprehensive virtual assistance and support.

Executive Assistant Package Overview

Comprehensive Virtual Assistance:
- Email and Calendar Management: Organizing your inbox and scheduling appointments to streamline your workflow.
- Advanced Administrative Tasks: Tackling specialized tasks crucial for efficient business operations.
- Project Coordination: Overseeing and managing projects to ensure timely completion.
- Travel Arrangements: Assisting with travel planning and covering travel costs for onsite assistance if local.
- Consultation Calls: In-depth discussions about your business needs and strategies for effective virtual assistance.
- Overtime and Weekend Support: Ensuring availability beyond standard hours for urgent tasks.
- Onsite Assistance: Available for local clients, providing hands-on support at your location.


Flexible Billing Options:
- Cost Coverage for Onsite Assistance: If local, travel costs are covered for onsite support.
- Transparent Billing: Clear and itemized billing to ensure you understand and value the services received.


Why Choose the Executive Assistant Package:
- Holistic Support: Comprehensive virtual assistance covering a range of tasks for enhanced productivity.
- Local Onsite Assistance: Ideal for businesses seeking hands-on support from a trusted executive assistant.
- Flexible Billing: Options that accommodate your needs, including coverage for travel costs.


Elevate Your Business Efficiency!
Experience top-notch virtual assistance with our Executive Assistant Package. Whether you need support remotely or onsite, we've got you covered. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and elevate your business efficiency to new heights.

Streamline your essential tasks and focus on growing your business by choosing the package that best fits your needs. Use the button below to contact us to discuss your specific needs and customize a plan that works for you.

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