Hi! I'm Mo!

Black queer, advocate, poet, & entrepreneur.


I started Solidarity&Co. as a product design shop and began creating designs with solidarity in mind. Mostly sparked by the Black Lives Matter Movement and my deep passion for advocating for others.


I grew up in a small town and spent most of my childhood in religious and community-based organizations.

So, it fit perfectly for me to use those same principles embedded in me as a child when starting a business.

As a result, I hope to align myself as a multi-hyphenate who seeks to use her intersectional identity to inspire, encourage, and increase awareness with intentions of creating a greater sense of belonging in society for marginalized community members.


In whatever I endeavor,

it is always upon me that my existence is radical, my skin has been politicized, & my sexuality is not accepted in many places.


With that being said,

I will continue my endeavors,

with peace, love, & solidarity in mind.

Connect with me.

Photo: @Suhuns

Digital Image of Mo, creator of Solidarity And Company