Social media is one of the most accessible ways for people from diverse backgrounds to express themselves, share their experiences, and connect with others in solidarity. The need for community was exasperated during the pandemic of 2020 and now more than ever, millions of people are flocking to Instagram & TikTok to find like-minded people.


Mo Pirela of Solidarity&Co., has created a digital space for advocacy, creativity, solopreneurship, and social justice initiatives, all in one place.


According to Mo,

Solidarity is more than a thing we feel when we see media coverage of horrific events.

Solidarity is being compelled to be in a constant state of awareness, action, and change.

Solidarity is a lifestyle.”


Mo is a writer, advocate, and entrepreneur. She has had her poetry published in several publications like Black Minds Magazine, UnMute Magazine, and Of Earth and Sky: Poetry Anthology 2021. She has performed her original poetry pieces at community arts events around Charlotte, NC. She is also the Founder of Solidarity&Co., an advocacy-based product and service brand that offers virtual assisting services to the underserved through Solidarity&Co. Services, SolidariTees, an apparel line to enhance the efforts of advocates, and speaking/performance bookings for community focused events, panel discussions, and charitable causes.


All of her endeavors are meant to promote solidarity with all oppressed people, everywhere, all the time.