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About the Founder


Mo Pirela has created digital space for creativity, community, & social justice, all in one place.

She is a writer, advocate, and entrepreneur. She has had her writings and her poetry published in several publications like Black Minds Magazine, UnMute MagazineOf Earth and Sky: Poetry Anthology 2021 & Black Oak Society Magazine.

She has shared her original poetry pieces at community arts events around Charlotte, NC like BOOM Charlotte, Charlotte SHOUT!, & Charlotte Pride.

Mo has moderated panels, hosted podcast guest interviews, & spoken on panels for multiple community events. She has also spearheaded and coordinated community events at small businesses in Charlotte as well as actively participated in civic and global engagement programs to hone her leadership, communication, and advocacy skills.

“Solidarity is more than a thing we feel when we see media coverage of horrific events. Solidarity is being compelled to be in a constant state of awareness, action, & change. 

Solidarity is a lifestyle.” - Mo

She is also the founder of Solidarity&Co. by Mo, an advocacy-based brand offering business services, a variety of products, as well as speaking & creative services. Mo's decision to become an entrepreneur stems from over a decade of experience serving as first point of contact for some of the nation's largest companies.

Some would say Mo's greatest strengths are her outgoing personality, strong work ethic, authenticity, integrity, and genuine love for supporting others. Her most important roles are granddaughter, daughter, sister, partner, homegirl, student, citizen, & changemaker!


Mo is an ambitious woman who refuses to be silenced and vows to use her voice, lived experience, and big mouth, for good.


All of her endeavors are meant to promote solidarity with all oppressed people, everywhere, all the time.

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