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  • Virtual Assistant

    Are you a solopreneur doing it ALL by yourself? Are their administrative tasks that I could help you with that would attract more customers? If it is a Yassss to both, then let's chat! Hi! I'm Mo, and I love assisting business owners! I understand that the daily routine for solopreneurs, (entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, etc.) like yourself, is directly attached to your income and that how you spend your day counts, in more ways than one. Why spend your precious time doing tedious, administrative tasks when you could delegate those tasks to me, while you utilize your time more productively? Time is money, right?! Instead of small tasks taking up even more of your time, you can delegate, instead of irritate! lol :) & focus on securing the ....... I have a proven track record for success working for Fortune 500 companies as a top performer and would love to use my skills to help your business as your personal or virtual assistant. Here are some of the services offered: Creative Writing Data Entry Web Research Phone Calls Email Marketing Website Wix Inbox Management Social Media Manager Graphic Design Canva Calendar Management Travel Planning And more... If you are located in Charlotte, NC, then enjoy the advantage of having a personal assistant on-site. If you are NOT in or near Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas, that's okay! I am available and willing to work with you 100% remotely to cross some things off of your to-do list! Book a 1-on-1 session today to get started!

  • Wix Website Creation

    Do you need a website, but don't have the time to create one yourself? Want to streamline your products or services by sending all your customers to your customized website? Are you currently accepting all your orders thru DM? Let's collaborate to create a dazzling website for you & your growing small business. My individually tailored approach provides insight for any business, whether just starting up or already established, to receive innovative feedback, advice for growth, & includes collaborative style & design sessions. But, our services don't stop there. Work with us to figure out other ways we can be of service to you, that fit within your budget. Our Website Creation Service includes: -Discovery Call to Discuss Your Needs, Visions, & Aesthetic -Website Navigation Tools on the Back End -3 Site Revisions at No Addt'l Cost *Cost of Domain Registration & Monthly Site Maintenance Fees Not Included* Schedule your free 1-on-1 consultation today by using the Book Now button. Don't procrastinate any longer, let's get started on your website today.

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  • Page & Stage Open Mic, Hosted by Mahogany "Mo" L. Browne, The Charlotte Center x Charlotte SHOUT

    ​​So.... I saw an IG post that said one of my favorite poets, also a Mo, was gonna be in town & hosting an open mic so I hopped on it. I was added to the set list & quickly started to memorize 2 poems. Let's just say, the show went well. Mo's performance was impeccable & the next up is the other Mo, me! (Can you say nervous af.) I went up & did my thing, then spent the night chilling with some dope poets. This is one for the books, a classic. ( Thus the black & white ) Shoutout to Jennifer, The Charlotte Center, & Charlotte SHOUT for making this all possible. You're on the mailing list sooo you're seeing it first! Let me know what you think in the comments. In Solidarity, Mo P. aka The Other Mo

  • May 17th is Voting Day in North Carolina!

    If you're wondering when is the next opportunity to bring about real change in North Carolina, it's May 17th, but of course, you should always try to #VoteEarly! In the past, I felt like the Primary Elections weren't important and sometimes I didn't even know when they were. I am not alone, there are millions of Americans who have had the same experience & it's let multiple undignified politicians slip into positions of power. Time's Up for That! I want everyone who sees this to tap 3 people in to voting in the upcoming NC Primary Elections. We cannot sit on the sidelines and let people who do not look like us or love like us dictate our futures. We have to pull up & Vote! Period! Trust me, these lackluster politicians are betting on us being unaware, too busy, or just not involved, especially in North Carolina. Visit the link below to check your voter registration status & voting location! I'm urging to take one step further & See Who's on The Ballot, what they stand for, go to their townhalls, volunteer to register voters, bring it up in your conversations & in places you visit! I'm all in for Democracy, Ending Voter Suppression, & extending Voting Rights! If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process please hit me up! Use the link below to make sure you're prepared to Vote on May. 17th, 2022 & forward it to a few of your friends! Like, Vote & Lunch, Yes Please! Because... In Solidarity.

  • Normal Sucks FrFr!

    Hey Y'all! I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this book I just finished reading called Normal Sucks: How to Live, Learn, and Thrive, Outside the Lines by Jonathan Mooney . First, I agreed with the title, so I decided to pick it up on my most recent visit to the public library here. I also like the simple and colorful cover, but that's besides the point. (Never judge a book by it's cover!) I hadn't been to the library in a while and was initially going there to check out books by ....... [drum roll please] Black Women Authors! However, I was not disappointed by the cis white male author, and once I started reading I was compelled to finish it. Surpising I know!! Basically, it unpacks how people live with disabilities or abnormalities, the challenges they face, especially in academic settings, and the way the author was able to embrace himself and others, without needing to "normalize" them or himself. I definitely recommend this book for advocates or anyone who is differently abled in anyway, which is a good portion of us, and people who seek to understand how they can be of better assistance in marginalized communities. Order the book here from Solidarity&Co.'s Black Women Authors & Beyond Booklist!

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  • Solidarity&Co. by Mo

    Solidarity&Co. Website Speaking of Solidarity Podcast Meet with Mo for Services Meet with Mo for Poetry/Collabs Shop SolidariTees Solidarity&Co. Bookshop Contact Me Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Solidarity&Co. by Mo

    Solidarity &Co. by Mo Charlotte, NC Crush your goals with alliance & assistance from Solidarity&Co. by Mo where you'll recieve time-saving services for your business, brand, or nonprofit. Currently Accepting New Clients Mo is on a mission to advance the increasing number of talented, yet historically marginalized business owners, create apparel that promotes liberation, and connect with writers, poets, & like-minded people of all kinds. How can I help you? Get your schedule back on track & focus on doing what you lov e. Solidarity&Co. is a full service Personal & Virtual Assistance provider, offering top quality services that can ease your mind of all the things and help you bring more joy and passion to all you have created and aspire to accomplish. Let's Chat! Schedule A Free Consultation Subscribe for exclusives, updates, & more. Sign Me Up! Thanks for submitting! Podcast Speaking of Solidarity Podcast centers advocacy & solidarity, of course. Listen to existing episodes & stay tuned for more. Learn More Blog On the Solidarity&Co. Blog, you'll find entries & updates to connect you to resources, share wins, & connect with others. Learn More Shop apparel that promotes solidarity and advocacy. Shop Now Respect. Empower. Include. Tee Add to Cart Different Doesn't Mean Wrong Tee Add to Cart Black Lives Matter Recycled Tee Add to Cart Black Lives Still Matter T-Shirt Add to Cart Caffeinate And Advocate Tee Add to Cart Love Wins Rainbow Heart T-Shirt Add to Cart Respect. Empower. Include. Tee Add to Cart Different Doesn't Mean Wrong Tee Add to Cart Black Lives Matter Recycled Tee Add to Cart Black Lives Still Matter T-Shirt Add to Cart Caffeinate And Advocate Tee Add to Cart Love Wins Rainbow Heart T-Shirt Add to Cart Seen In Checkout the Books by Black Women Authors & Beyond Booklist Contact Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Solidarity&Co. by Mo


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