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How My Time in London Shaped My Career Path in Architecture, Cultural Diplomacy, and Social Justice

Updated: Mar 26

Hey y'all! Let me take you on a journey through my study abroad experience in London and how it's paving the way for my dream career at the intersection of architecture, cultural diplomacy, and social justice within the foreign service.

Learn more about the CIS Abroad program that coordinated my trip by clicking here.

-Embracing Cultural Diversity:

Studying in London, a melting pot of cultures, further opened my eyes to the beauty of diversity. From exploring historical landmarks to engaging with local art, every moment was a lesson in cultural connection. This exposure fuels my passion for one day creating inclusive architectural designs that celebrate diverse communities.

-Connecting Through Art and History:

Taking a course on history, art, and society was a game-changer. It wasn't just about lectures and textbooks; it was about walking through centuries of history, actually feeling environments I'd only previously seen on TV or movies, and understanding how societies evolve. This deep dive into the past fuels my desire to design spaces that tell meaningful stories and bridge societal gaps.

-Cross-Cultural Communication in Action:

I truly feel like navigating the streets of London taught me more than any classroom could about cross-cultural communication. From chatting with locals at poetry open mic night to discussing cultural differences with fellow students from around the globe, every interaction was a chance to refine my communication skills. These skills will surely be crucial for engaging stakeholders and fostering dialogue in diplomatic settings.

-Adapting and Thriving:

Living in a bustling city like London taught me the art of adaptability and resilience. From mastering the Tube system to juggling coursework and weekend explorations, I learned to thrive outside my comfort zone. This adaptability is a superpower that now makes me feel ready to tackle the dynamic challenges of international work environments.

Friendships Across Borders:

One of the best parts of studying abroad was building friendships! Bonding over shared experiences and key differences, exploring hidden gems in the city, and learning from each other's perspectives created a global network of friends and future collaborators.

Passion for Social Impact:

London's cultural scene and diverse communities also furthered my passion for social justice. Witnessing initiatives that promote equality, sustainability, and inclusion there, too, inspired me to use architecture as a tool for positive social change as a result of some of the ways the monarchs used the built environment to advance their ideals. I envision creating spaces that empower marginalized communities and promote equitable access to opportunities.

Dreaming Big:

My time in London wasn't just about studying; it was about dreaming big and embracing possibilities. It fueled my ambition to merge my love for architecture, cultural diplomacy, and social justice within the foreign service. I'm excited to embark on a career where every design decision is a step towards a more connected, inclusive, and compassionate world.

In a nutshell, my study abroad adventure in London added to my perspective, honed my skills, and further fueled my aspirations. It's a memory and a driving force propelling me towards a career where I can make a meaningful global impact while embracing the beauty of cultural diversity.

Learn more about the CIS Abroad program that coordinated my trip by clicking here.

Thank you reading this blog about my time and career development in London! I hope you enjoyed it. Also, feel free to leave a comment or question.

In solidarity,


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