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My Faves

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We all know Oprah's Favorites things by now, but what are yours?

Go HERE & choose your favorites from our brand.

& why not share with you some of my favorite designs from the first collection. You see me wearing them all the time & you can order them for yourself in this blog post or by going to the shop where I've added a nice, big link for you to be able to shop the first collection. :)

When I started creating designs with solidarity in mind, I found & used Redbubble as the hub to get my creativity into your hands. Since then, I've created this website, which hopefully shows a bit of growth over the last 5 months that Solidarity&co. has been in business.

Without further ado,

-"Black Girls Have Always Mattered" is the tee you see me wearing most often, mostly because it's fitting for everyday wear. Get yours HERE.

-"The Epitome of Black Girl Magic" you may have seen photos of me wearing this tee, too. I decided on the long sleeve tee so that I could layer the look in the colder months or roll up the sleeves when it gets warmer. Get yours HERE.

-"The Right Side of History" is special because it was the first item ordered by a true & genuine supporter. It was so reaffirming for me personally. It also resonates with the main principle of solidarity, to create a legacy that creates a better future for us all. Get yours HERE.

Shopping here makes it easy for you to see all that is offered featuring these specific designs.

Feel free to display your stance in whatever way fits you best.

It's a pleasure to share with you these high-quality products that I know you will love too!

Use code: DEALS2020 for up to 60% off while it lasts.

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