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Normal Sucks FrFr!

Hey Y'all!

I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this book I just finished reading called Normal Sucks: How to Live, Learn, and Thrive, Outside the Lines by Jonathan Mooney .

First, I agreed with the title, so I decided to pick it up on my most recent visit to the public library here. I also like the simple and colorful cover, but that's besides the point.

(Never judge a book by it's cover!)

I hadn't been to the library in a while and was initially going there to check out books by ....... [drum roll please]

Black Women Authors!

However, I was not disappointed by the cis white male author, and once I started reading I was compelled to finish it. Surpising I know!!

Basically, it unpacks how people live with disabilities or abnormalities, the challenges they face, especially in academic settings, and the way the author was able to embrace himself and others, without needing to "normalize" them or himself.

I definitely recommend this book for advocates or anyone who is differently abled in anyway, which is a good portion of us, and people who seek to understand how they can be of better assistance in marginalized communities.

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