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May 17th is Voting Day in North Carolina!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

If you're wondering when is the next opportunity to bring about real change in North Carolina, it's May 17th, but of course, you should always try to #VoteEarly!

In the past, I felt like the Primary Elections weren't important and sometimes I didn't even know when they were.

I am not alone, there are millions of Americans who have had the same experience & it's let multiple undignified politicians slip into positions of power.

Time's Up for That!

I want everyone who sees this to tap 3 people in to voting in the upcoming NC Primary Elections.

We cannot sit on the sidelines and let people who do not look like us or love like us dictate our futures.

Trust me, these lackluster politicians are betting on us being unaware, too busy, or just not involved, especially in North Carolina.

Visit the link below to check your voter registration status & voting location!

I'm urging to take one step further & See Who's on The Ballot, what they stand for, go to their townhalls, volunteer to register voters, bring it up in your conversations & in places you visit!

I'm all in for Democracy, Ending Voter Suppression, & extending Voting Rights!

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process please hit me up!

Use the link below to make sure you're prepared to Vote on May. 17th, 2022 & forward it to a few of your friends!

Like, Vote & Lunch, Yes Please!


In Solidarity.

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