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#Juneteenth is not just another day.

Juneteenth is not just another day in June. It is a day of commemoration, celebration, restoration, and grief. It is the day we are reminded of our Blackness, and our Queerness, and our Oppression, and our Joy, and our History. It is a day that we look internally and stare out into the world, gazing upon our people and take a moment to feel that fullness of us, all.

Dear Ms. Opal Lee,

I am happy that your goal was accomplished and that we are now, as you put it, "Off the Chain." I am however still horrified.



We are still fighting for something that is our birth right, that is a requirement to truly repair all that has been broken along that chain. And, I will not work on Juneteenth, anyway. We are still fighting for the crowns to be given to the Queens who walk among you that you are too blind in your vision to see. And, I will write about it, and speak about it, and preach about it, and yell about it, and protest about it, and advocate for it, until you fix it, America.

Give Queen Opal, her fair share.

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