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Jam! on The Vine: A Novel

Am I about to write a book review here?

Yes, I am. I read a lot and many books fail to prompt a book review. However, I have to share this with you!

Jam! really allowed me to see myself in a book with a setting from years ago because it is still so relevant.

I can't often relate to historical fiction novels, although I thoroughly enjoy the experience of a new place, another time, and with people much different or slightly similar to myself.

The author and I are complete strangers, but if you were to read this book, I am afraid that you too might see some alikeness.

The characters, the purpose, impeding entrepreneurship, the love, the art, and the community, all in one book. For me, all in one person. But, don't just take my word as truth, here is another review that is just as doting:

"This is such a beautiful book. The relevance is maddening. A story of love and desire, Jam on the Vine is a call to be more not just do more. I loved this book and its amazingly resilient characters who exemplify the complexities of being tenacious enough to be great!" -Review from Goodreads

Listen to the author, LaShonda Katrice Barnett, speak about the story via NPR here.

Or, get the book in your hands from the Solidarity&Co. Bookshop, where we strongly recommend books by Black Women Authors and beyond.

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